​​Manhattan Millworks, Inc.

Manhattan Millworks

Quality, Excellence and Beauty

"The result of expertise, vision, commitment, hard work and passion"

It is the accuracy and detail inherent in crafted goods that endows them with lasting value. It is the time and attention paid by the carpenter that makes this detail possible.    -- Tim Jackson 

We provide production and custom millworks, stair systems and custom Architectural design for leading residential and commercial builders, architects and designers.   

whether executive suites, production homes or luxury private residences, we strive to deliver the highest quality and create uinque masterpieces that turn your space into a distinctive, eye-catching work of art. 

Our History

Born of creativity, hard work and conviction, Manhattan Millworks is the creation of Steve Gonsalves, President and Owner. Leveraging his more than 30 years in the finish carpentry and woodworking industries, Steve established Manhattan Millworks as a premier architectural millworks firm that differentiates itself from the competition by providing superior customer service, committing to excellence in design and execution, and maintaining the highest standard of quality. Steve leads by example and his work incorporates the philosophies that define Manhattan Millworks:

  • Exceed the customer's expectations with expertise, professionalism, excellent quality and attentive servitude.
  • Transform a blank slate into a distinctive work of art by implementing world class design, the latest in graphics technology, and hands-on millwork production at the company's master millwork facility. 
  • Utilize the best resources: Expert designers,  company owned plant and equipment,  architectural design technology, jobsite quality assurance managers and experienced master craftsmen.
  • Work diligently to embody our client's personal taste, lifestyle and expectation and leave our mark of excellence in all work we produce.

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