​​Manhattan Millworks, Inc.

Attention to detail

We are fully committed to provide our customers exemplary quality and style with attention given to detail in every finished product that leaves our factory doors. From initial design to fabrication to final installation, every line, every angle, every aspect of every element is painstakingly scrutinized in order to ensure a level of perfection commensurate with Manhattan’s high quality standards. Our commitment to excellence would be incomplete were it not for the meticulous methodology that pervades our creative process, engendering an unparalleled consideration for every facet of our production.

Architectural design

All of our finished products originate in the world class designs of our President and Owner Steve Gonsalves. Without his ingenuity, prowess, and eye for architectural design, our product would be lackluster, reminiscent of every other piece of cabinetry, stair railing, column, or pilaster you have seen. It is, therefore, the artistry with which Steve designs that permeates every piece of architectural millwork that leaves our warehouse doors that differentiates Manhattan’s final output from that of its competitors.

Custom millwork

Our intricately designed, handcrafted custom millwork turns any space into a sumptuous, eye-pleasing work of art. Drawing from years of experience, our woodworking artisans create spectacular home finishes from the finest materials available to imbue a sense of style and elegance that just cannot be achieved by simple interior design elements.